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ImuJL »/^ I 


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of ^u 

world within a world 


Edited by the Senior Class, 1956 


You didn't know Dr. Park for long 
— not as long as those who come 
after you will know him — but you 
learned a great deal about him in 
one short year. There was his in- 
spiring record at Northfield, his 
leadership and the installation 
address that strengthened your 
confidence in him. And the long- 
er you knew him, the more that 
confidence grew. 

During the year you passed him in 
the hall, saw him conferring with 
faculty members, stopped and 
spoke to him yourself, thinking 
how friendly he was and how in- 
terested in Simmons. 
There were his other activities out- 
side the Simmons microcosm, as 
Chairman of the State Board of 

And so, when it came time to dedi- 
cate the memorial of your year at 
Simmons, you gave it, in appreci- 
ation, to Dr. William Park — who 
made that last year one of the 
most memorable. 

3t»i:*i « w*l£tit UMttfl 




This is the city as you remember it . . . lights strung along 
the windings of the Charles . . . the time chiseled skylines 
of red brick, and under your feet the cobble pavements 
that time and history have walked . . . And each place had 
its own special season , . . summer was boating on the 
Charles, and autumn dappled the lawns of Beacon Hill. 
There was the stark black and white of the winter Com- 
mon, and the pale green of spring in the Fens . . . Today 
and Tomorrow and Yesterday, all part of the sun-splashed, 
rain-pelted world. And in the world called Boston, the 
microcosm — the little world of Simmons — the fifteen 
hundred women with their own past, their present in the 
city, and their dreams beyond . . . 



K ^ I 

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walking, or driving, or catching thMllAlfbh 

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1 ■ *■• 

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ra/Yr c/<m 

■*• w -i 


. ctivities — 


You calendar whole 

remember f a 

"* e from the 

but part 




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/■ SB 1 


You remember Peggy Gray . . . Stu-G Presi- 
dent, symbol and friend 

A nd Stu-G balancing girls and groups — by luck, and the honor system 

Stu-G: Peggy Gray (Pres.), Mim Bamford, Sue D'ltalia, Shirley Richardson, Peggy 
Eberlein, Hilde (Brewster) Bird, Sharon Mumford, Carol Turner, Bessie Robinson, 
Jean Schlegel, Gretchen Hanlon, Sally Gelston, Lois Stone, Beth Weeks, Shirley DuVal, 
Judy Bennett. 

NSA linked to other campus worlds — LW conferences, ribbons 
and high honors of Academy, and the white caps of Ann Strong. 

NSA: Junny Gonzalez, Maxine Ascher, Dagney Emmet 

Academy: Nancy Jehl, Nancie (Ann 
Dwinnell) Godwin, Nancy (Riva) Mont- 
gomery, Barbara Rosen, not pictured — 
Roz Hanlon. 

There were clubs for everything — fro 


Ann Strong: Mamie Tullock, Judy Howard, 
Mary Adriance, Elaine Woodman. 

Leaders Workshop: Stevie Wright, Peggy Witton, 
Sandy McLean. 

Irene Nesteruk, Helen Crestin, Ruth Zieckas 

anising to the arts 

Outing: Norma Livingstone, 
Carol Fielding, Carolyn Ellis, 
Gen Gusik, Bev Bott. 

AA: Betty Charubini, Nancy Hodkins, 
Mary Sughrue. 

Sock and Buskin: Janet Shapiro, Marcia Kovara, Evi Dowd, Rowena Dores. 

Senior Week: Cynthia Whiting, Shirley Richardson, Marilyn Walton, Diane 
Webster, Liz Reed. Seated: Ann Hinckley, Ann Washburn, Margery Barbera, 
Katy Gomatos, Dottie Bruce, Betty Kieser. 

Newman Club: 3rd row: Ellie 
Lott, Sue Cannon. 2nd row: 
Julie Collins, Ann Gearon, Pat 
Gallant. 1st row: Maureen Har- 
rington, Barbara Miller, Beth 
Jones, Rose-Marie Bosna. 

I.V.C.F.: Emily Gustafson, Gail Falconer 

You remember all faiths and denominations comin 

Hillel. : Arlene Cooper, Judy Wolper, Ann 
Silk, Gail Kyett, Friedel Morton, Judy 
Davis, Sheila Porter. 

Christian Association: Doro- 
thy Luke, Carol Peacock, 
Judy Lozzero. 

gether to plan in council and to know each other 

Modern Dance: Ilene (Edelstein) Johnson, Harriet Olstein, Shirley Miller, Leslie 

and graceful dancers, and the Social Activities Calendars] 

Social Activities: Mo Moore, Sue Williams, 
Sally Molloy, Shirley Richardson (seated). 

Social Relations: Connie Pennington, Gloria Yanoff 

id the rush to do volunteer work 

Bluettes: 2nd row: Anita Oppen- 
heim, Donna Howland, Bobby Wil- 
son, Helen Lunger, Jean Ieove, Syl- 
via Ohanesian. 1st row: Ginny 
Brainard, Sandy MacLean, Betty 
Spencer, Barbie Lloyd, Nancy Morse. 

Ellen Richards: Ann MacLeod, Syl- 
via Corliss. 

Glee Club: Ellen Tifft, Joyce Hopwood, 
Emily Gustafson, Marie A'Hearn. 

Physical Therapy: Eleanor Olson, Ellie Johnson, 
Penny Sinclair, Dottie Bruce (seated). 

Forum: Penny Karegeorge, Sally Hutchinson, 
Dawn Anderson, Baily Haines, Isa Cohen. 

YWCA: Lilli Panella, Arden Hertzog 

Home Ec: Peggy Young, Joan Walters, Sally Niss- 
ley, Carol Wildman, Carolyn Brown, Beth Jones, 
Carolyn Ellis, Arleta Merrin. 

You could bake a cake, be in YWCA, sing in Frosh Chorus, be a chic 

Prince: Barbara Stringer, Dorrit Joseph, Elise 
Franck, Joan Cummings. 

Freshman Chorus: Pat Hanlon, Pat Baker, Bar- 
bara Petroske, Mr. Burton A. Cleaves. 

rince Clubber — and you were still a part of the microcosm 

NEWS, as you recall it, was a Thursday after- 
noon joy after Tuesday's Armageddon — Last- 
minute rush to a typewriter with a scoop — ciga- 
rette smoke in the room marked "editor" — staff 
conferences in the cafeteria — and "originals" 
and the Thursday smell of fresh ink and lugging 
copies to the dorm — all combining miraculously 
to catch the flavor of Simmons in one issue a 
week — -in four small pages. 

Editor and Asst.: Norma Bornstein Rooks, Sally Gelston. 

News, Technical Staff: Dezija Blumit, Carol Collins, Peggy 
Sass.e.ville, Jill Goldstein, Janice Powell. 

Mic: Layout Editors: Phyllis Goldberg, Janice Powell. 

Editor and Asst. 

Nancy Riva Montgomery, Cynthia 

And why Microcosm? Mic is a record of your four 
Simmons years — worth the struggles with deadlines, 
the worry, and the midnight lamps — the trips to the 
printer and proof-reading and all the rest — because 
in it was everything from the first day of orientation. 
For when you leave the little world for the last time, 
only knowledge and memory go with you. 

Mic Staff: Janice Powell, Joanne Blanchard, Ardis Stein, Sally Gardner, Liz Reed. Seated: Ellen Elliott, Cynthia Whit- 
ing, Phyllis Goldberg. 




else, Simmons 


One of your first impressions of 
Simmons was the friendliness in 
Dean Clifton's welcoming speech 
that first frantic week — and from 
then on you felt that she always 
noticed you. There was her Bulle- 
tin Board with announcements of 
plays — of scholarships, of College 
events — and her office was always 
open to a problem — large or small. 
It was Dean Clifton's guidance 
that shaped the little world. 

The rest of the Administration helped the little 
world to run well — Miss Deacon worked with the 
Review, and was always glad to help a student-in- 
need . . . The little group in the President's office 
was always on hand in an emergency, always at the 
College late into the evening, ironing out the prob- 
lems of the past day . . . And the women in the Place- 
ment Office, faced with the task of finding summer 
and permanent jobs for you. They bucked you up 
when there was no job prospect in sight and they 
were happy with you when you landed what you 
wanted . . . Yes, all these people were an important 
part of the microcosm. 

Miss Helen Deacon 

Mrs. Bullwinkel, Miss Hanson and Mrs. Mack. 

Adm.: Mr. Needham, Mr. Bachelder, Mr. Deane, Mrs. 

Miss Chrysler 

Mrs. Arvidson 

Mrs. Feeney 

Miss Grant 

You remember the women of the little world, a bit nos- 
talgically. Theater tickets, coffee, and cigarettes in 
Miss Chrysler's round-the-world sitting-room — and 
cold pills and comfort day or night in the Infirmary 
with Mrs. Feeney — Miss Freidli's delightful little 
smile which only partly showed her endless patience 
and tact — and Dr. Rodwell, who somehow managed to 
bring charm and wit into the clinical world of biology. 
All of them were different — their jobs, their way of 
life, their personalities — but they were, to you, all alike 
in one way — symbols of the Simmons woman at her 

Which twin has the Toni, Mr. Shepro? 

Conference — Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hawthorne 

The men in the little world— the profs 
you spent hours a week with and thought 
you had typed almost perfectly after four 
years' experience. And the history depart- 
ment — coffee-tasting bull sessions in the 
cafeteria, defending Mill against Marx or 
Bentham from Bentley — that, no matter 
how else you remember him, was Mr. 
Hawthorne. And labs with Mr. Shepro — 
or hours behind footlights with dust in 
your nose and advice in your ears. You 
remember the sophomore classes in soci- 
ology with Mr. Johnson — and the confer- 
ences any time during the day if he 
wasn't reading with his special air of en- 
grossed abstraction. History, biology, 
sociology — the abstract and the practi- 
cal, the "fine" and the "applied" — 

You remember the English office primarily 
as an odor of pipesmoke — for it clung to 
everything, somehow — papers and chairs 
and the walls themselves. It was in your nos- 
trils when you turned in a theme — at the 
last possible moment — and when you went, 
trembling, for a conference with Mr. Sypher 
or Mr. Miller. And you remember their 
classes, those two, with a special joy. They 
gave you insight into the world of man in 
all its deepest, broadest beauty — in early 
morning classes and cramped offices, sur- 
rounded by the odor of Old Briar. So that 
now wisdom and beauty are for you insep- 
arably part of the savor of a pipe. 

Mr. Sypher 

Mr. Miller 


Walter and Joe 

The Bookstore rush slows down. 

You remember Joe and Walter, the indispen- 
sable cogs that helped make the little world 
run smoothly — saving you the long climb to 
the library early in the morning to return 
reserve books, setting up extra chairs for meet- 
ings in the Lounge, mowing the grass" in the 
spring and keeping the walks clear and sanded 
in winter, dusting furniture and polishing 
brass with loving care. You remember the sud- 
den spatter of the hose against the windows, 
livening up your classes. You remember, too, 
as you think of Joe and Walter, the smiles and 
friendly hello's they always had for everyone. 

Coffee break in the Cafeteria 

You remember the mad rush to buy books at the 
beginning of every semester — getting into the 
"supplies" line when, you needed books and vice 
versa. Of course you forgot the titles of the things 
just as you got to the head of the line — so you had 
to look at the list again. The second time, you 
wrote down the titles, and started over at the end 
of the line. Success at last! — and you staggered 
toivard the cafeteria with an armload of fresh, 
new knowledge. 

And the old Freshman Campus where you started out 
—the half-hour walk in the early morning— the long 
drag home to dinner — and private fun. 

This little world is, for 
you, a world of remem- 
bered things. 

The last graduation of President Beatley's tenure-with the solemnity of 
its aeademic proeession, its quiet pride, and its subdued sense of loss. 


And the dust and confusion and 
noise of construction your sophomore 
year, when the new halls were going 
up on the Brookline Avenue campus. 

The fun at Olde English Dinner 
. . . the fierce figure of the dragon, 
cowed by Saint George . . . the 
psuedo-Greek chorus . . . and the 
filling dinner. 

And wondering whether 'twas nobler to mount 
those four flights and return a book on time, 
or suffer a fine till you had the courage — and 


Business School . . . that was sound — 
clatter of typewriters in 119, syncopa- 
tion upon syncopation, sharp and crisp, 
till all hours of the afternoon — and the 
mechanical prrifft and click of auto- 
matic calculators (you mastered those 
calculators by sheer force of ivill, and 
were always just a little afraid of their 
speed and brilliance) — the soft scratch 
of a shorthand pen on a lined paper pad 
as you took dictation — the harshness of 
a German gutteral, or a French nasal, 
or the richness of Spanish as you pre- 
pared to go outside with two languages 
at your fingertips — a whole new ivorld 
to conquer. But there were courses you 
remember, conducted like any others in 
Simmons, distinguished not by sound 
but by content. Personnel, where you 
discovered the fascinating field of em- 
ployee relations — Accounting, with the 
struggles and suf f ".ring you had to go 
through to balur, • your books — Adver- 
tising, ivhere you gained insight into 
the work behind the ads you ahvays 
took for granted — Business Law, in 
tuhich a confusing mass of legal terms 
gradually became clear and logical — all 
of these courses gave you a real knoxvl- 
edge of that part of the outer world 
you had chosen for your own. Then too, 
you remember your field tvork, the 
thrilling preview to your first profes- 
sional position — and from field ivork 
you realized for the first time how well 
the little world of Simmons had pre- 
pared you for your part in the larger 
world of business, and the even larger 
world of life. 

Home Ec. meant tantalizing smells in the third floor 
corridor, and gleaming stoves glimpsed through 
doorways as you walked by. Behind the delicious 
odors and the sparkling kitchens — hours of chem- 
istry and nutrition classes. And you remembered the 
feel of silk and wool and cotton as you cut and sewed 
— and your sense of pride as you tried on for the 
first time your own blouse. Home Ec, too, brings 
memories of Pilgrim House, and of studying child 
development first hand (ouch!) at the nursery 
school. Then there was your practice teaching — the 
terror of facing your first class. But practice teach- 
ing, like all your other courses, turned out to be fun. 

What did Library mean to you? When you came 
to Simmons that freshman year, it ivas sometimes 
a handy convenience, sometimes simply four 
flights of stairs in the blear of early morning 
with an armful of overdue Contemporary Society 
texts (at a fine of five cents each). And when you 
left? Then Library was something else — a pro- 
ficiency, an attitude, an intimate acquaintance, 
a school — a part, your part, of the little world. 
The others looked at you strangely the first three 
years — you were philosopher, historian and critic, 
without stint and apparently without any real 
direction. That last year, you remember, order 
came forcibly from the chaos of world-discovery 
— order which could classify and confine and di- 
rect. You knew intimately the feel of catalogue 
cards under your fingers — and knew those cards 
were the key to all the best books the world could 
offer. You knew Dewey Decimal with encourag- 
ing accuracy — and library management and plan- 
ning, and research. You knew the brightness of 
children's eyes when they met a new book — and 
the challenge of some vast project not your own 
which depended in part on your skill. And you 
knew that a library held the key to all man's 
knowledge in the vast world of his past history, 
his present, and his dreams — and you would be 
its executor. 

You can remember Prince as something rather 
different within the little world — a special sheen, 
a chic, an imperceptible but evident gloss hung 
over your world. Straight seams and impeccable 
nail polish and crisp business suits — the knowl- 
edge of what ivas it for spring two seasons in ad- 
vance was part of it called fashion. Part of it was 
called advertising — and part of it was called per- 
sonnel, and you felt (almost) that ivhen you 
graduated you could do the hiring for the finest 
store in the country. You remember the pungent 
odor of coffee at the daily coffee break — and the 
rustle of a formal dress at a fashion show you 
planned yourself. Prince — and the Christmas va- 

cations you worked in Filene's or Jordan's and 
got caught and trampled in the season's rush. You 
can still feel the pride in your voice when you 
said you were from Prince — a conscious assur- 
ance, a grace, a command of yourself, of your 
field of merchandising , and of others, which no 
other Simmons girl could match. 

You remember Publication as the perfume of 
rubber cement in 351 — you got used to that 
smell in your infrequent visits to the Pub office 
your first two years at Simmons. In those days, 
Pub courses seemed remote — and academic 
studies were immediate and important. You 
remember your bewilderment during the first 
weeks of English 22 — and economics with its 
chaos of new ideas (which eventually fell into 
an organized pattern) — and history, sociology, 
psychology, languages, art — all vital and all in- 
teresting. Junior year, you remember, your 
courses began to focus on a goal — your career. 
There were those first-hour Graphic Arts 
classes — you hated to get up, but didn't dare 
to cut — and at the other end of the day were 
your Journalism classes — and Copy and Proof 
(Pub professors seemed to have a passion for 
first hours). Senior year, as you recall, you 
lived in two rooms — 351 and 352 — and you did 
layouts for everything — layouts with the em- 
phasis on theoretical perfection for Layout and 
Design — more layouts on which you had to find 
room for seven more lines of Review copy — 
and you did a lot of writing — thousands and 
thousands of words — articles for Review — 
short stories for Advanced Composition, Ad- 
vertising Copy Writing, and Publicity. You 
came to school carrying your T-square and a 
stack of children's books with your proportion 
wheel sticking out of your notebook — and were 
conscious of people staring and wondering 
what you were doing with that combination. 
Finally you put four years of learning and 
thirteen weeks of worry, anxiety, and hard 
work into a thing known as the Valz — just that. 
Only later did you realize how much the labor 
had taught you — when you started your first 
job — really knowing your field. 


You remember many different things 
about the School of Nursing. First, you 
remember, were your chemistry and bi- 
ology courses. Then came that first ex- 
citing summer session at Mass. Gen- 
eral — the thrill of actual hospital work 
— the feeling that this was the real be- 
ginning of your professional career. But 
it vjas another whole year, you recall, 
before you returned to the hospitals for 
the major part of your clinical training. 
This year was filled with important 
classes at the College — more biology, of 
course — and you learned, too, about the 
workings of man's mind in your psy- 
chology and sociology courses. Finally, 
you began hospital training in earnest 
— and you remember all the hospitals 
so clearly — there was Mass. General 
again — and McLean, Children's, the 
Veterans Administration Hospital, and 
the public health agencies. You remem- 
ber being on your feet for hours and 
hours — and how they ached so much 
you thought they would fall off. But 
you remember, too, the almost number- 
less fields of nursing that became, for 
you, people to be helped rather than just 
words — surgery, which you looked for- 
ward to with mingled dread and eager- 
ness — the thrill of a nursery full of new- 
born babies — and of a child's smile an- 
swering yours — all of this is the School 
of Nursing as you remember it. You 
also recall, however, the times you put 
on "civilian clothes" and had fun — for 
in Nursing, as well as in the rest of the 
little world, good times and hard work 
went together. 


Test tubes, formulas, skeletons, vectors — all these and 
much Trior e go to make up your memories of that part 
of the little world which is the School of Science. You 
remember Chemistry as the clink of a bottle of acid 
against a beaker — the weighing of minute quantities 
in delicate scales — your frustration as you tried test 
after test in a vain attempt to identify an unknown — 
the explosion you always expected, but which never 
quite happened, through no fault of yours — seminars 
your senior year — and reading galley proofs for Mr. 
Bliss. Biology carries with it the recollection of labs — 
chemistry as well as biology — dissection kits — your 
first unexpected encounter with a skeleton — models of 
hearts and eyes — and endless muscles, nerves, and 
bones that you thought you ivould never be able to 
memorize. The memory of Physics, too, is an impres- 
sion of a series of labs — and of your struggles with 
calculus — and of the aive you felt at your initiation 
into the mysteries of relativity. Physical Therapy is 
also part of the memories of the School of Science. 
You remember your classroom courses, biology, psy- 
chology and all the rest — then your hospital training— 
finally the thrill and satisfaction of actually working 
with people who need you — people ivhom you can help 
to have normal, happy lives. 


The special quality of Social Science, as 
you recall it, ivas its broadness — the 
varied nature of its approach. You could 
go almost anywhere within it — from the 
very practical concerns of economics to 
the no less important ones of philosophy 
and metaphysics. You could be (and per- 
haps were, in your mind, sometimes 
an economist, an administrator in govern- 
ment, a sociologist in community work, or 
a psychologist engaged in psych measure- 
ments. And what did you learn? The mind 
of man — psychology, sociology, philoso- 
phy — his institutions — government, econ- 
omy, religion — his history, his languages, 
and his arts — all of them you touched on 
or grappled ivith. You dealt, broadly or 
specifically, with the deepest human ques- 
tions — and you knew, when you left, that 
the true quality of your school was service. 


sfrr- - : — 

every work 

For in the 



an hour's 

there was 

Remember, perhaps a little too clearly, the ex- 
quisite torture of acquaintance dances at Boy's 
Latin and Alumnae Hall — The hot, smoky room, 
and the crush, and the pain when some fool trod 
on your instep, and the way your crinoline showed 
under your dress — Recall the sharp taste of 
Coke, the sugar of doughnuts, and the way there 

were invariably three men for every girl — so you 
never really had to stop dancing. You swore off 
acquaintance dances after that first one — but 
you always went back anyhow — 
Remember bell duty on Saturday night — a 
lonesome time, despite the men you let into the 
living-room — while your friends went out — 

You remember the special flavor of 


You remember the occasional vacation from dorm 
eating — the excursion to Jack and Marion's for 
submarine sandwiches or something equally indi- 

You recall the angry buzz that announced your 
date before your make-up was on or your hair 
un-pincurled — the lasUminute scramble — and the 
grand exit — 

And Yueh's — weekday snacks and Saturday 
brunch — hours and hours of intimate or obscure 
conversation in the familiar, brown booths — with 
frappes, and Yueh and John — 

You remember leaving to go off on some sort of 
casual adventure — 

o r m living — 

There were the shared times — the fun 

Football across the Charles — under the bril- 
liant skies of September, and in November 
drizzle — blankets, banners, and marching 
bands — the cheering for or against last-min- 
ute touchdowns — Harvard football, that 
prompted you to yell, "Fight fiercely, Har- 
vard!" — clambering down from the stands, 
almost as tired as the players and twice as 
happy — full of hot chocolate and hotdogs. 

MIT, you remember, meant crossing the 
Charles again — meant boats in the Basin, 
and half a century's conglomerate architec- 
ture — meant that most practical of crea- 
tures, the MIT man. 

merits colleges almost next door 

You remember the backyard parties 
. . . spring and fall — the warmth and 
wind, and wearing b ermuda' s 
(legally) . . . and how you ate too 
much at the bakery booths and the 
bids you made on the professors at 
the 'slave market' . . . the balloons 
you won and the money you lost . . . 
all in the name of your causes . . . 

And of course there was Boys' 
Latin, that you watched winter 
days from the back windows, 
and listened to all spring as the 
band oom-pahed back and forth. 


Occasionally a really expensive dinner out 
at Joseph's. 

But more often, late dates at the Bradford 
Roof, when your man was delayed. 

Or balcony seats for the 'hottest comedy in 


And then the goodnight . . . 
you hated to go in, it was 
such fun . . . but rules were 
rules, so you said goodnight. 

Sitting around the tree. 

Grand entrance — going downstairs. 

Hot jazz in Alumnae. 


May I have this waltz? The Christmas Formal. 

Bargains in the basement — Filene's for the 

Spring in the Backyard 

Swans in the Public Gardens 

Scouting expedition 

*-■ T 

on the Fens 


Dream? gowns 




lass tries 



Margel Irene Adams 

1202 W. Henley Street 

Olean, New York 


Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Home 

Economics Club 2. 

Katherine Aharonian 

17 Putnam Avenue 

Port Chester, New York 

Library Science 

Social Relations Comm. 2; Li- 
brary Comm. Representative 4. 

Andra Virginia Allen 

204 Summit Street 

Willimantic, Connecticut 

Nursing IV 

Sock and Buskin 1, 2; Secre- 
tary-Treasurer North Hall 3; 
Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 


Diana Armen 
1 Farman Avenue 
Lebanon, New Hampshire 


Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4; Fire 
Captain 1; House Vice-Presi- 
dent 2; Dormitory Board Sec- 
retary 2; Dormitory Council 4. 

Carol J. Asinof 

983 Park Avenue 

New York City, New York 


Prince Club; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Carole Bagley 

5 Stone Circle 

Norwood, Massachusetts 


YWCA 1; Christian Associa- 
tion 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 2, 3, 
4; Transfer Welcome Comm. 
4; Daisy Chain 2, 3; Bacca- 
laureate 2; Graduation 2, 3. 

Marian E. Bamford 

221 Sutton Street 

N. Andover, Massachussetts 


Stu-G Vice President 4; Class 
Vice-President 3; Class Treas- 
urer 2; Glee Club 2; Newman 
1; Ellen Richards Rep. 2; 
House Vice-President 3. 

Margery Barbera 

24 Chambers Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 


NEWS 1, 2, 3, 4; Sock and Bus- 
kin 2, 3; Publicity 2, 3; 
Newman 1. 

Jeanne Anne Barcomb 

22 Broad Street 

Rochester, New Hampshire 


Academy 2, 3, 4; Newman 1, 
2, 3, 4; Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4; 
Executive Board 4; Honor 
Board 4. 

Jane Lee Beauchemin 

71 Park Ave. Ext. 

Arlington, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Ellen Rich- 
ards 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 1, 2; 
Transfer Welcome Comm. 3. 

Rona Mae Bernstein 

454 Cherry Street 

Fall River, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Anne J. Beattie 

28 Wenham Street 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Spring 
Spree 2, 3; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3; Basketball 1, 2; 
Athletic Association; SCA 1. 

Bonnie Rae Beukelman 

5 Summer Street 

Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

Home Economics 

Home Economics Club. 

Judith Marie Bennett 

191 Ashbury Street 

S. Hamilton, Massachusetts 


Student Government Secretary 
4; Forum Representative 3; 
Tea Chairman of Forum 3; Mic 
3; Daisy Chain 2, Chairman 3; 
Curriculum Comm. 2, .'!. 

Beverly Louise Betts 
Chester, Vermont 


News 2; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3; Outing Club 3, 4; 
Daisy Chain 3; Prince 3, 4; 
Graduation 3; House President 

Virginia Holmes Bevan 

9 Crest Lane 

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 


Junior Welcome Comm. 3; Vol- 
unteer Service 1; Parents Day 
Publicity Chairman 2; Senior- 
Frosh Mixer 4; Olde English 
Carollers 3 ; Review 4. 

Roberta Jeanne Blais 

165 Main Street 

Amesbury, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle 
Francais 1; Ellen Richards 1, 
2, 3, 4. 

Rosemary Lorraine Blessington 

211 Bruce Street 

Lawrence, Massachusetts 


Sock and Buskin 1; Newman 1, 
2, 3, 4; Pan American Society 
1, 4; House Treasurer 4. 

Dezija Blumit 

52 McLellan Street 

Dorchester, Massachusetts 


Transferred from University 
of Mass. 3; News 3, 4; Daisy 
Chain 3; I. V. C. P. 3; Christian 
Association 3; Review 4. 

Rose Marie Bosna 

174 Jefferson Street 

Wood-Ridge, New Jersey 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Province 
Delegate 4; Social Relations 
Comm. 3; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; House Senior 4; May 
Day Breakfast 2; Spring -Spree 
3; Hobo Party Chairman 4. 

Joanne Blanchard 

53 Barton Street 

Presque Isle, Maine 


Le Cercle Francais 1; YWCA 
1, 3, 4; Academy 3, 4; Mic 
Business Manager 4. 

Patricia F. Blethen 

1 Spruce Street 

Plainville, Connecticut 

Social Science 

Junior Welcome Comm. 3; 
Spring Spree 1, 2, 3; Inter- 
Dorm Skits Night 3. 

Joan Bonitz 

100 Stults Road 

Belmont, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Newman 1, 2, 3; Outing 2; 
Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Transfer 
Welcome Comm. 3; Spring 
Spree 3. 

Beverly Bott 

66 Locust Street 

Atleboro, Massachusetts 


Outing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Presi- 
dent 4; Poster Row Chairman; 
Bookstore Comm. 4; Christian 
Association; House Senior 4. 

Katherine Brennan 

147 Mary Street 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Outing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; New- 
man 1, 2, 3, 4; Volunteer 
Service 4. 

Joan Broadcorens 

24 Burnside Street 

Medford, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4; News 
3, 4; Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Vol- 
unteer Service 2, 3; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; Student In- 
vitation Day 1, 2, 3; Com- 
mencement 2, 3. 

Carolyn Ann Brown 

2431 North River Road 

St. Clair, Michigan 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4; Pro- 
gram Chairman 4; House Sec- 
retary 1; House President 3; 
House Senior 4; Honor Board 
4; Spring Spree 4; Assembly 
Series Committee 3. 

Zoe E. Bucuvalas 

163 Plymouth Road 

Newton Highlands 61, Mass. 


Transferred from Bates Col- 
lege 3; Orthodox Club 3, 4. 

Arline Elizabeth Boyajian 

34 Concord Road 
Watertown, Massacrusetts 

Social Science 

Glee Club Accompanist 1, 2, 3, 
4; YWCA 3, 4; Vice President 


Cynthia Brennan 

6 Pine Street 
Windsor, Vermont 


Prince 3, 4; House President 4; 
Stu-G Workshop 4. 

Joan Brovelli 

20 Berry Street 

Framingham, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; House 
Senior 4; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Review 4. 

Dorothy Anne Bruce 

103 Browne Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 


Sock and Buskin 1, 2; Glee 
Club 2, 3, 4; Tour Group 4; 
Outing Club 1; Physical Ther- 
apy 2, 3, 4; President 4; Book 
Store Comm. 2; Prom Chair- 
man 2; Junior Welcome Comm. 
3; Class Executive Board 3; 
Prom Business Manager 3. 


Joanne Buffington 

Four Mile Road 
Allegany, New York 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Newman 
1, 2, 3. 

Sally Burke 

R. D. # 1 

Mountaintop, Pennsylvania 


Newman 1, 3, 4; YWCA 2, 3, 4; 
Program Chairman; NEWS 
Business Manager. 

Judith Butler 
325 Russell Street 
Lewiston, Maine 


Academy 4. 

Elizabeth Loretta Charubini 

19 Richards Road 

Hull, Massachusetts 


Athletic Association President 
4; Treasurer 3; Newman 1, 2, 
3, 4; Class Executive Board 2; 
Class Prom 1. 

Nancy Elizabeth Clarke 

23 Crehore Road 

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 


Prince Club 2, 3, 4; 
urer 3. 


Phyllis Charick 

43 Orkney Road 

Brighton, Massachusetts 

Library Science 

Le Cercle Francais 1; Hillel 1, 
2, 4; 020 Club 2; Sock and 
Buskin 2, 3. 

Lois Anne Chorlian 

35 Cary Avenue 

Revere, Massachusetts 


IVCF 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 
1 ; Secretary-Treasurer 2 ; Ellen 
Richards 3, 4; AA Ping Pong 
Chairman 3. 

Carol Cleaves 

12 Fairmount Street 

Winchester, Massachusetts 


Transfer from University of 
Vermont 3; Glee Club 3, 4; 
Review 4. 

Isa Cohen 

1064 Kenyon Avenue 

Plainfield, New Jersey 


Hillel 1, 2; Social Relations 
Comm. 2; Forum Secretary 2; 
Chairman United Nations 
Comm. 2, 3; Delegate to Col- 
legiate Council of United Na- 
tions 3; Forum President 4; 
Review 4. 

Roberta Cohen 

337 Madison Avenue 

Skowhegan, Maine 


Hillel 1, 2, 3; Hillel Social 
Chairman 3; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3; Compets 2, 4; Morse 
House Council 3. 

Carolyn Collins 

111 Robbins Road 

Watertown, Massachchusetts 


News 3, 4; Daisy Chain 3; 
Commencement 3; Review 4. 

Sylvia Corliss 

470 Washington Street 

Gloucester, Massachusetts 


Outing Club; Ellen Richards 
Club, President; Arnold House 

Susan Crampton 

Rice Island 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 


Class Executive Board 1; Dorm 
Social Chairman 1; Secretary- 
Treasurer Dix 3. 

Diane Phillips Craft 

509 Park Drive 

Boston, Massachusetts 


Sara Lynn Dalton 

78 Pilgrim Road 

Boston, Massachusetts 


Transfer from Lawrence Col- 
lege; Volunteer Service. 

Helen Anne Daniels 

76 Richmond Street 

Brockton, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Newman 2, 3, 4; Home Eco- 
nomics 3, 4; Poster Comm. 2, 
3, 4; Treasurer 3, 4. 

Joyce Davidson 

25 Winding Road 

Rockville Centre, New York 

Social Science 

Modern Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
President 3; Hillel; 1 Vice 
President Dix. 

Marilyn Janet Davis 

229 Winter Street 

Norwood, Massachusetts 

Library Science 

Christian Association 23; Out- 
ing 2, 3; 020 Club 2; 020 Exe- 
cutive Board 2. 

Cornelia Huntington Day 

100 Reservoir Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Dorothea Dayos 

225 Belmont Avenue 

Brockton, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Orthodox 1, 2, 3, 4; President 
3; Outing 2; YWCA 3; Home 
Economics 2, 3, 4. 

Thelma Rosalyn Deitch 

35 Priscilla Road 
Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. 


Junior Welcome Comm. 3; 
Hillel 1; Curriculum Comm. 3; 
Christmas Formal 1. 

Mary Ann Donnelly 
44 Bishop Avenue 
Massena, New York 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Prince 3, 4; 
Christmas Formal 3; Junior 
Prom 3; Spring Spree 3. 

Susanne Marie D'ltalia 

460 Laurel Street 

Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Class Executive Board 1, 2 
Newman Executive Board 1 
Student Government Council 2 
Assistant Vice President 4 
President Arnold 3; Home 
Economics; Program Chair- 
man 3. 

Rowena Deane Dores 

47 Manchester Road 

Brookline, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Sock and 
Buskin 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; 
Compets 2, 3, 4; Mic 4; Junior 
Welcome Comm.; Daisy Chain 
3; Commencement 3; Bacca- 
laureate 3 ; Review 4. 


Shirley DuVal 

Thompson Road 

Webster, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice Presi- 
dent 2; Glee Club 2; Assistant 
House President 2; Social Re- 
lations 2; May Day Breakfast 
2; Student Government Repre- 
sentative 1; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Leaders' Workshop 
Project Chairman 3; Honor 
Board Representative 2, 3; 
Chairman 4. 

Dagny Emmet 

High Mowing School 

Wilton, New Hampshire 

Social Science 

Assistant Fire Captain Morse 
Hall 3; Campus Fire Chief 4; 
Class Representative to NSA; 
Undergraduate Assistant 
Morse Hall 4. 

Barbara Fingold 

112 Winthrop Road 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Class Executive Board 2; 
Social Relations Volunteer Co- 
ordinator 4; Chairman Frosh- 
Senior Mixer 4; Sophomore 
Luncheon 2; Hillel 1, 2; Le 
Cercle Francais 1; Curriculum 
Comm. 1, 2. 

Mary Jane Fisher 

83 Lawrence Street 

Maiden, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics Club 3, 4. 

Nancy G. Douglass 

4 Summer Street 

Orono, Maine 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Ellen T. Elliott 

8003 Cooke Road 

Elins Park 17, Pennsylvania 


House Council 3; Sock and 
Buskin 1; Compets 1; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; IVCF 3; 
YWCA 3; Sophomore Lunch- 
eon 2; Mic 3; Circulation Ed- 
itor 4. 

Jeanne Ferguson 

6 Belfry Terrace 

Lexington, Massachusetts 


IVCF 1, 2, 3; Assistant Treas- 
urer Student Government 3. 

Barbara Fisher 

69-60 108 Street 

Forest Hills, New York 

Social Science 

Outing Club 1; Hillel 2; Social 
Relations Comm. 2; Sock and 
Buskin 1; Tennis Team Chair- 
man 3; Basketball 3; Athletic 
Association 3. 

Frances Fishman 

107 Ormond Street 

Mattapan, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1; Riding 1; NEWS 2; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3; Fire 
Captain 3. 

Barbara Forman 

846 Maple Street 

Manchester, New Hampshire 

Social Science 

Hillel 1; Political Thought in 
Action 2, 3; Chairman 4. 

Alice Gardner 

78E Emerson Street 

Melrose, Massachusetts 


Le Cercle Francais 1, 2, Vice 
President 3; Academy 3, 4; 
Publicity Chairman; Literary 
Co-editor of Mic 4; YWCA; 
Christian Association; Review 

Ann Gorman Gearon 

17 Wolcott Street 

Holyoke, Masachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; Newman 1, 
2, 3, Senior Representative 4; 
Olde English Dinner 4. 

Frances Ford 

250 Gregory Avenue 

West Orange, New Jersey 


Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Physical 
Therapy 2, 3, 4; Honor Council 
Representative 1; Co-chairman 
Sophomore Auction; Curricu- 
lum Comm. 1. 

Miriam Helen Foss 

Buck Street 

Pembroke, New Hampshire 


House Treasurer 1; Transfer 
Welcome Comm. 3; Christian 
Association 3, 4; Student Gov- 
ernment Treasurer 4. 

Sandra Gaston 

15 James Street 

Greenfield, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Transfer from Wheaton 2; 
Forum 3, 4; Social Relations; 
Vice-President Forum 3; Class 
Executive Board 3. 

Grace Ellen Gelpke 
36 Boulder Brook Road 
Wellesley, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 
1, 2, 3; Outing 1, 2; Olde 
English Carolers 3; Transfer 
Welcome Comm. 3. 

Sally A. Gelston 

Maple Avenue 

East Haddam, Connecticut 


NEWS 1, 2, 3, Editor 4; House 
Chairman 1; House President 
of Morse 3; Volunteer Service 
1; Transfer Welcome Comm. 3; 
Celebrity Series Comm. 4; 
Student Government Council 
4; .Review 4. 

Nancie-Ann Dwinnell Godwin 

100 Memorial Drive 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 


NEWS Business Staff; Chris- 
tian Science 1, Secretary- 
Treasurer 2, President 3; Acad- 
emy 3, Secretary 4; Christian 
Association 2; Student Invita- 
tion Day 1, 2. 

Phyllis Erma Goldberg 

77 Thorndike Street 
Brookline, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3; Leader's Workshop 
Treasurer 4; Mic Art Editor 4; 
NEWS Business Staff 1; 
Review 4. 

Sheila Goldner 

65 Old Mamaroneck Road 

White Plains, New York 

Social Science 

Sophia Georgian 

475 Vane Street 

Revere, Massachusetts 


Orthodox 1, 2, 
Richards 2, 3, 4. 

3, 4; Ellen 

Helene H. Goldberg 

2502 Forest Park Avenue 

Baltimore, Maryland 


Hillel 1, Sophomore Represen- 
tative 2, President 3; NEWS 
Advertising Manager 3, 4. 

Shirley Golden 
33 Casement Street 
Noroton, Connecticut 


Newman 1, 2, 4, President 3; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3; 
Sophomore Luncheon 2; Spring 
Spree 3; Class Executive 
Board 2, 3, 4; Freshmen-Junior 
Jamboree 1. 

Joan Elizabeth Goldsberry 

48 Abbott Road 

Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 


Academy 3, 4; Honor Board 
Secretary 4; Christian Associ- 
ation 3. 

Jill Goldstein 

20 Morley Lane 

Bloomfield, New Jersey 


Hillel 1, 2; NEWS 2, 3, Assist- 
ant Technical Editor 4; Spring 
Spree Program Comm. 3; 
Debating 3, 4; May Day Break- 
fast 2; Olde English Dinner 3; 
Bib Party 3; Review 4. 

Catherine Gomatos 

9 Mifflin Place 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4; Orth- 
odox 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Spree 
3; Le Cercle Francais 1; 
Riding 1. 

Carolyn Gosse 

99 Warren Street 

Arlington, Massachusetts 


Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Ellen Rich- 
ards 2, 3, 4; Christian Associ- 
ation 1. 

Peggy Gray 

158-26 76 Avenue 

Flushing, New York 

Social Science 

House Chairman 1; Debating 
Team 1; Curriculum Comm. 1, 
2; Forum Treasurer 2, Vice 
President 3; YWCA 1; .Music 
Listening Comm. 3; Student 
Government Representative 3, 
President 4; Academy 3, 4. 

Lynn H. Goldstein 

Justin Road 
Harrison, New York 


Prince 2, 3, 4; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Nancy Anne Johnston Gonzalez 

Central Jarony 

Province Camaguey, Cuba 


Social Chairman South Hall 3; 
Modern Dance 3; Campus 
Poster Comm. 

Sally Gowdy 

Box 621 

Hudson, New York 


Physical Therapy 2, 3, 4; Out- 
ing 1, 2; Ellen Richards 2, 3; 
Undergraduate Assistant 4; 
Assistant Fire Chief 4. 

Jane Paula Gruppe 

2 Hills Drive 

Utica, New York 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Outing 1; 
Christian Association 1. 

Rosamond Hanlon 

23 Colonial Drive 

Arlington, Massachusetts 


Class Representative to Ath- 
letic Association 2, 3; Newman 
1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; 
Academy 3, Program Chair- 
man 4; Physical Therapy 3, 4. 

Mary Rand Hammond 

36 Crane Road 
Scarsdale, New York 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Secretary 
3; Social Activities Represen- 
tative 2, 3. 

Marjorie Ann Harzan 
Holyoke, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Corinne Hord 

Race Lane 

Marstons Mills, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Outing 1; Anne Strong Execu- 
tive Board 2, Vice President 3, 
4; Sophomore Prom 2; May 
Day Breakfast 2; Class Execu- 
tive Board 3; Appleton House 
President 3; Christmas Week- 
end 3; Junior Prom 3; Spring 
Spree 3; Glee Club 3. 

Elizabeth Ann Guertin 

9 Lemoyne Street 
Braintree, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Newman 
2; Spring Spree 3; Prom Deco- 
rations 2, 3; Chairman Frosh- 
Junior Jamboree 3. 

Maureen Harrington 

140 Magazine Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Academy 3, 4; Newman 1/ 
Vice President 2, 3, Secretary 
4; Home Economics 2, 3, 4; 
YWCA 1, 3; Outing 3; Le 
Cercle Francais 1, 2. 

Anne Elizabeth Handy 

107 Spring Street 
Windsor, Connecticut 


House Chairman 1; Anne 
Strong 2, 3, 4; President 3. 

Barbara Jeanne Healy 
1551 Unionport Road 
New York, New York 


Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4; Newman 

1, 2, 3, 4; Poster Comm. 2, 3; 
Publicity Chairman Bib Party 
3; Olde English Carolers 3; 
Outing 1; AA Basketball 1, 

2, 3. 

June Whitney Howard 

68 Lowell Road 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. 


Prince Club 2, 3, 4. 

Barbara M. Helfman 
1701 Albemarle Road 
Brooklyn, New York 


Prince Club. 

Marjorie Lois Hewey 

202 Highland Avenue 

Arlington, Massachusetts 


YWCA; Physical Therapy 2, 3, 
4; Glee Club 1, 2; Christian 

Elizabeth Ann Hinckley 

75 Orchard Street 
Belmont, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Class Representative to NSA 
1; Leaders' Workshop 3, 4; 
Glee Club 1; Class Executive 
Board; Outing; NSA Treas- 
urer; Junior Prom Comin. 3; 
Representative to College 
Events Series 4; Senior Week 
Co-chairman 4. 

Greta Home 

21 Oakmond Road 

Wheeling, West Virginia 

Social Science 

Volunteer Service 3. 

Rhoda Hiatt 

24 Dellwood Road 

Worcester, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Hillel, Secretary; NEWS Tech- 
nical Staff; Social Relations 

Joyce Eleanor Hopwood 
1330 Commonwealth Avenue 
West Newton, Massachusetts 


Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Librarian 4; 
Christian Association 1; Out- 
ing 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 

Anne Horton 

53 Warren Street 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Orthodox 3, 4; Sock and Buskin 

Lois Howk 

171 Oak Lane 

Rochester, New York 


Turner House President 2; 
Chairman Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Physical Therapy 
Club 2, 3, 4; Spring Spree 
Booth Chairman 3; House 
Senior 4; Sophomore Auction 

Janet N. Hubbard 
42 Peterborough Street 
Boston, Massachusetts 


Transfer from University of 

Rita A. Indresano 

31 Eutaw Street 

East Boston, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 2, 3; 
ards 2, 3, 4. 

Ellen Rich- 

Audrey Hope Jackson 

110 New York Avenue 

Brooklyn 16, New York 

Nursing IV 

Glee Club 1, 2, Secretary 3; 
IVCF 1, 2; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3; Spring Spree 3; 
Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Elinor Ruth Johnson 

66 High Street 

Proctor, Vermont 


Physical Therapy 2, Vice 
President 3, Secretary-Treas- 
urer 4; Class Executive Board 
1; Junior Welcome Comm. 3; 
Assistant Fire Chief 3; House 
Senior 4. 

Nancy Jehl 

61 Gladiolus Avenue 

Floral Park, New York 

Social Science 

Glee Club 3; Academy 3; Presi- 
dent 4; Vice President Dix 
Hall 4. 

Armig Q. Jeknavorian 

108 D Street 
Lowell, Massachusetts 


Modern Dance 2, 3, 4; Ortho- 
dox 1; Ellen Richards 2. 

Elisabeth A. Jones 

North Main Street 

Broadalbin, New York 

Home Economics 

Newman 1, 2, Publicity Chair- 
man 3, President 4; Home 
Economics 2, 3, Treasurer 4. 



Dorrit Margit Joseph 

14 Centre Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Class Vice President 1; Sock 
and Buskin 1; Student Govern- 
ment Representative 2; Honor 
Board Representative 3; Prince 
Club 2, 3, President 4 . 

Betty Kezer 

81 Prince Street 

Needham, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Transfer from Colby College; 
Forum, Treasurer, Senior Rep- 
resentative, Discussion Group 
Chairman; Junior Prom Comm. 

Toby Koritz 

1616 Beacon Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 


Jane L. Krebs 

30 Hillcroft Road 

Waltham, Massachusetts 


Christian Association 1; Stu- 
dent Invitation Day Hostess 1, 
2, 4; Junior Welcome Comm. 3; 
Advertising Manager Mic 4. 

Nancy H. Kane 

70 Roberts Street 

Portland, Maine 


Transfer from Skidmore 
Academy 3, 4. 

Judith Gerber Kolodkin 

38-J Garden Circle 
Waltham, Massachusetts 


Ellen Richards; Hillel 

Susan Regina Kranich 

160 Richmond Avenue 

Worcester, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Social Relations Comm.; House 
Council Representative. 

Sandra Lee Kulvin 
407 Washington Street 
Brockline, Massachusetts 


Modern Dance 1, 2; Class Exe- 
cutive Board 1; Sock and Bus- 
kin 1; Forum 1; Hillel 1; 
Review 4. 

Natalie M. Langley 

49 West Street 

Concord, New Hampshire 


Transfer from Colby Junior 
College; Christian Associa- 
tion 3. 

Marcia Lindquist 
12 Lincoln Street 
Rockland, Maine 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, Treasurer 
3; Outing 2, 3, 4; Christian 
Association 4. 

Wynne Laipson 

5 Farnum Terrace 

Worcester, Massachusetts 


Ellen Richards 3, 4; Hillel 1; 
NEWS 1; Forum Represen- 
tative 1; House President 1; 
Dorm Social Atcivities Chair- 
man 2; Junior Welcome Comm. 

Nancy Levy 

3870 Paces Ferry Road N.W. 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Social Science 

Treasurer Arnold Hall 4. 

Lois Betsy Linehan 

29 Creighton Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Elinor Dugan Lott 

60 Hooker Avenue 

Poughkeepsie, New York 

Social Science 

Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 
2; Volunteer Service 1, 2, 4; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3. 

Margaret Elaine McGah 

121 Bunker Hill Street 

Charlestown, Massachusetts 

Library Science 

020 .2; Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Public Relations Comm. 3, 4; 
Commencement 2, 3. 

Anne Stron; 
Buskin 2, 3. 

Nursing IV 

4; Sock and 

Sylvia Ann McDowell 

2710 10th Street, N.E. 

Washington, D. C. 

Library Science 

Outing; 020 3, 4; Class Execu- 
tive Board 2, 3; Library Comm. 
Representative 2, 3. 

Aliki Katherine Mackres 

210 Highland Street 
Brockton, Massachusetts 


Prince Club; Orthodox Club. 

Lorraine Magnuson 

1109 Wayne Avenue 

Silver Spring, Maryland 


Physical Therapy 2, 3, 4; House 
President 3 ; Undergraduate 
Assistant 4; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Spring Spree Co- 
chairman 3; Bluettes 3, 4; Vol- 
unteer Service 3; Sophomore 
Auction 2. 

Constance Ruth Markert 

56 Chestnut Street 
Andover, Massachusetts 


Transfer from Colby Junior 
College 3; Floor Representa- 
tive to House Council Student 
House; Fire Warden, Proctor 
Student House. 

Shirley E. Merrill 

8 Quaker Street 

Saint Albans, Maine 

Nursing IV 

Christian Association; Anne 
Strong 2, 3, 4; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3. 

Ann L. McLeod 

49 Lyre Street 

Marlboro, Massachusetts 


YWCA 2, 3, 4; Inter-College 
Representative 2, 3; Poster 
Comm. 2, 3; Ellen Richards 2, 
3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. 

Jean Ryker Major 
401 Marlborough Street 
Boston, Massachusetts 


Transfer from University of 
Delaware 4; Review 4. 

Joanne Maskin 
28 Jenkins Parkway 
Hudson, New York 

Social Science 

Arleta Merrin 

1413 West Street 

Honesdale, Pennsylvania 

Home Economics 

YWCA 1; Anne Strong 2; 
Home Economics 2, 3, Presi- 
dent 4. 

Agnes A. Milonas 

334 School Street 

Whitman, Massachusetts 


YWCA 1; Orthodox 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Secretary-Treasurer 3; Poster 
Comm. 1, 2. 

Joan Misiewicz 

78 Orchard Street 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 4; Sophomore 
Luncheon 2; NEWS 3, 4; 
Junior-Frosh Jamboree 3; Glee 
Club 3, 4; May Day Breakfast 
2; Spring Spree 3; Junior Wel- 
come Comm. 3. 

Nancy Riva Montgomery 

20 Boylston Street 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Academy 3, Banquet Chairman 
4; Mic Circulation Editor 3, 
Editor 4; Music Listening 
Comm. 2, 3; Sock and Buskin 
3, 4: Review 4. 

M. Patricia Morris 
40 Livingston Avenue 
Lowell, Massachusetts 


Newman 1, 2, 3; Outing 2, 
Arnold Fire Captain 3; Trans- 
fer Welcome Comm. 3 ; Review 

Marjorie Metcalf 

51 Howard Street 

Saugus, Massachusetts 


YWCA 1; Ellen Richards 2, 3, 
4; Christian Association 4. 

Lois Minnear 

137 Piatt Street 

Painted Post, New York 


Sarah Ann Molloy 

11 New Main Street 

Haverstraw, New York 

Social Science 

Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing 1, 
3; House Social Activities 
Chairman 1; Freshman- Junior 
Jamboree Chairman 3; Spring 
Spree 3; Social Activities Rep- 
resentative 4; House Senior 4. 

Marian Moore 

43 Glazier Street 

Gardner, Massachusetts 


Outing 1, 2, 3; Class Executive 
Board 3; Class Secretary 4; 
Campus Social Activities 
Chairman 4; Vice President 
Arnold 3. 

Friedel Morton 

171 Hancock Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Modern Dance 2, Hillel 1, 
Freshman Representative, Cul- 
tural Co-chairman 2, Vice 
President 3, 4; Simmons 50th 
Anniversary 2; Student Invi- 
tation Day 1, 2; Social Rela- 
tions 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Constance Mullen 

36 Linden Street 

Winchendon, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 
Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Mary Mouyos 

17 Price Road 

Allston, Massachusetts 


Orthodox 3, 4; Ellen Richards 
3, 4. 

Rita Patricia Mulqueen 

442 Pearl Street 
Gardner, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

North Hall Vice President 4 

Ann M. Murphy 

465 High Street 

West Medford, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing 4; 
Home Economics 2, 3, 4; Spring 
Spree 1, 2, 3, 4; Student In- 
vitation Days 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; Bookstore 
Comm. Chairman 4; Athletic 
Association Executive Board 4. 

Barbara Anne Nason 

110 Glen Street, R.F.D. #2 

Newport, Rhode Island 


Asosciate Editor NEWS 4; Ed- 
itorial Assistant 2, 3; Newman 
1, 2, 3, 4; Review 4. 

Renee Naftali 
147 Woodcrest Avenue 
White Plains, New York 

Social Science 

NEWS Technical Staff 3; 
Social Relations Comm. Volun- 
teer Service 4. 

Martha F. A. Negus 

25 Dean Street 

Cheshire, Massachusetts 


Outing 1, 2, 3; Junior Prom 
Comm. 3; NEWS Technical 
Staff 2, 3. 

Marcia L. Nelson 

292 Orchard Street 

New Bedford, Massachusetts 


Compets 1; Freshman Prom 
Comm. 1; Sophomore Auction 
2; Sophomore Luncheon 2; Bib 
Party 3; Daisy Chain 3; Com- 
mencement 3; All-College 
Weekend 4; Review 4. 

Sally A. Nissley 

228 E. Main Street 

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania 

Home Economics 

Outing 1; Home Economics 2, 
3, Secretary 4; Christian Asso- 
ciation 4; Class Executive 
Board 4; Academy 4. 

Kathleen Panetsos 

50 "L" Street 

Allerton, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Orthodox 1, 2, 3, Refreshment 
Co-Chairman 4; Home Eco- 
nomics 2, 3, 4; Longwood 
House Vice President 4. 

Mary O'Hara 

46 Greenwood Lane 

Waltham, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Dorothy Neville 
18 Brightman Avenue 
Tiverton, Rhode Island 

Nursing IV 

Christian Association 1; Out- 
ing 1 ; Anne Strong 2, 3, 4 ; 
Spring Spree 3; Dorm Coun- 
cil 3. 

Sylvia Ohanesian 

26 Victory Avenue 

Haverhill, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Dix Hall Treasurer 2, Presi- 
dent 3; Class Song Leader 3 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3 
Spring Spree Co-chairman 3 
Baccalaureate 3; Commence- 
ment 3; Bluettes 1, 2, 3, 4; Olde 
English Dinner Song Leader 
4; Class Vice President 4; Dix 
Hall Undergraduate Assist- 
ant 4. 

Harriet Vivian Olstein 
1934 East 17 Street 
Brooklyn, New York 

Social Science 

Modern Dance 1, 2, Vice Presi- 
dent 3, 4; House Senior 4; Rep- 
resentative to College Events 
Series 1; Business Manager 
Freshman Handbook 2. 

Betty Levine Pelletz 
407 Washington Street 
Brookline, Massachusetts 


NEWS Assistant Managing 
Editor; Volunteer Service; Fire 
Captain; Academy 3, 4; Re- 
view 4. 

Dorothy Peter 

1878 Beacon Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 


North Hall Vice President 2. 

Janice Arlene Powell 

3240 Henry Hudson Parkway 

Riverdale 63, New York 


NEWS 3, Technical Editor 4; 
Mic Art Editor 4; Review 4; 
Sock and Buskin 4; Transfer 
from Bucknell University 2. 

Catherine Quackenbush 

4 West Street 

Goshen, New York 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3; Food Comm. 
3; Athletic Association; Stu- 
dent Government Policy Comm. 

Edith Raabin 

22 East 88 Street 

New York, New York 


Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Public Rela- 
tions 4; House Senior 4. 

Barbara Ann Potocki 

46 Fendale Avenue 

Dorchester, Massachusetts 

Newman 1, 
Therapy 2, 3 


2, 3; 


Serenella Privetera 

66 Broadway 

Methuen, Massachusetts 


Sock and Buskin 1; Newman 
1, 2, 4; Pan American Society 
1, 4. 

Janet Denise Quirk 

24 Rill Street 

Dorchester, Massachusetts 


Glee Club 1, 4; Newman 1, 2, 
3, 4; Physical Therapy 2, 3, 4. 

Jaya L. Ramulu 
101 Olympic Place 
Seattle, Washington 

Library Science 

Sock and Buskin 4. 

Nancy Reid 

216 Lowell Street 

Wilmington, Massachusetts 

Library Science 

Outing 1, 2; Sock and Buskin 
1; IVCF 1, 2, 3; Forum 1, 2; 
Co-chairman Fund Drive 2; 
Library Comm. 2; Co-chairman 
Forum Discussion Group 3; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3; 
Daisy Chain 3. 

Shirley Marilyn Richardson 

22 Linden Place 
Brookline 46, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Transferred from Colby Col- 
lege 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Tour 
Group 2; Volunteer Service 2, 
3; Sophomore Prom 2; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; Chairman 
Freshman Acquaintance Dance 
3; Class Executive Board 3; 
All-College Weekend 3; Co- 
Chairman Junior Prom 3; 
Social Activities Chairman 4; 

Jean Card Rippner 

18108 Scottsdale Blvd. 

Shaker Heights 22, Ohio 


Dormitory Social Activities 
Chairman 1; Secretary of 
Dormitory 4. 

Sara A. Robbins 
83 Maplewood Avenue 
Maplewood, New Jersey 

Home Economics 

Class President 1; Class Rep- 
resentative to College Events 
Series 2; House Chairman 2; 
House Social Chairman 3; 
Chairman Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3; House President 4; 
Home Economics 2, 3, 4. 

Elizabeth Ann Reed 

70 Keeney Avenue 

West Hartford, Connecticut 


Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Manager 3; Ellen Richards 2, 
3, 4; I.C.S. Representative 4; 
Transfer Welcome Comm. 3; 
Le Cercle Francais 1 ; Mic 
Photography Editor 4; Sim- 
mons Pops Night Chairman 3; 
Music Listening Comm. 3, 4; 
Class Song Leader 4; Olde 
English Dinner Caroller 3; 
Senior Week 4. 

Lois Jean Reitz 

8873-193 Street 

Hollis 23, New York 


NEWS 3, 4; North Hall Stu- 
dent Activities Chairman 3; 
House Senior 4; Student Invi- 
tation Days 3; Simmons Rep- 
resentative to International 
Students' Association of 
Greater Boston 3 ; Review 4. 

Benita Rimer 

63 Andover Street 

Peabody, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Hillel 1. 

Barbara Ritter 

80 Knollwood Road 

North Haven, Connecticut 


Outing 4; President of Morse 
Hall 4; Review 4. 


Janet Lois Robertson 

17 Sweetser Street 

Wakefield, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 3, 4; Repre- 
sentative to Lunchroom Comm. 
3, 4; Junior Welcome Comm. 3. 

Diane Joan Rochon 

Shore Road 

Cape Elizabeth, Maine 

Newman Club 2, 3, 4. 

Joan J. Rosati 

450 Providence Street 

West Warwick, Rhode Island 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing 1; 
Prince 3, 4; Invitation Chair- 
man of Parents' Day 2; South 
Hall President 4; Chairman 
Parents' Day 3; Junior Wel- 
come Comm. 3; Olde English 
Carolers 3; Volunteer Service 

Hermine Rosenthal 

108-2965 Road 

Forest Hills, New York 

Social Science 

Hillel 1; Volunteer Service 3. 

Bessie Robinson 

118 Wolcott Road 

Brookline 67, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1; French 1, 2; Vice 
President 2 ; Mic 1 ; Circulation 
Manager of NEWS 2, 3 ; NSA 
2; Junior Delegate 3; Chair- 
man 4; Leaders' Workshop 3; 
Advisory Comm. 4; NSA New 
England Region Greater Bos- 
ton, Rhode Island Area Co- 
ordinator 4. 

Norma Bornstein Rooks 

45 Suffolk Avenue 

Swampscott, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Chairman of Dormitory 1; 
Students Faculty Relations 
Comm. 1; NEWS 3; Managing 
Editor 4; Assembly Series 
Comm. 4. 

Barbara Rosen 

7 Bussey Lane 

Dedham, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Curriculum 
Comm. 2, 3, 4; Ellen Richards 
2, 3, 4; Executive Board 4; 
Transfer Welcome Comm. 3; 
Commencement 2; Representa- 
tive to New England Biology 
Conference 3, 4; Academy 3, 4; 
Treasurer 4. 

Barbara Burnbaum Rubin 
48 Crystal Cove Avenue 
Winthrop, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1; Tea Chairman; Phy- 
sical Therapy Club. 


Margaret Louise Sasseville 

8 Grove Terrace 
Leominster, Massachusetts 


Mic 2 ; Sophomore Luncheon 2 ; 
House Senior 4; NSA Business 
Manager 3; NEWS 3, 4. 

Alice Catherine Scannell 

134 Woodlawn Street 

Springfield, Massachusetts 


Newman 1; Glee Club 1, 2; 
NEWS 2, 3; Chairman of Soph- 
omore Luncheon; Treasurer of 
Spring Spree 3; Academy 3, 4; 
Class Treasurer 3; Class Presi- 
dent 4. 

Ina Seinfeld 

180 Colfax Street 

Providence 5, Rhode Island 


Hillel 1; Ellen Richards 2; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3. 

Joan Simon 

45 Hamlin Drive 

West Hartford, Connecticut 

Social Science 

Jane Eleanor Rusk 

R. F. D. #1 

Laconia, New Hampshire 


Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4; Outing 
2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Lorraine Saunders 
1319 Lafayette Avenue 
Niagara Falls, New York 


Transferred to Simmons from 
University of Massachusetts 3; 
Prince 3, 4; Olde English 
Carolers 3. 

Sandra Abby Schor 

175 Griswold Drive 

West Hartford, Connecticut 


Hillel; NSA. 

Dorothy Louise Sharp 

1326 Waldron Avenue 

University City, Missouri 

Social Science 

Transfer from Denison Univer- 
sity 2; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Riding 2; Social Re- 
lations Comm. 2, 4; Chairman 
of Volunteer Service 3; Honor 
Board 4; Dorm Council; Class 
Executive Board 4. 

Roberta Sloan 

49 Dixon Avenue 

Dedham, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Newman Club; Anne Strong 
2, 3, 4. 

Pauline Stamatos 

33 Halifax Street 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 


Prince 1, 2; Orthodox Club 1, 
2, 3, 4; Junior Welcome Coram. 
3; Sophomore Luncheon 2. 

Lois Evelyn Stetson 

40 Glen Avenue 

Brockton, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Class Executive Board 1; Glee 
Club 1, 2; NSA Representa- 
tive 2; Spring Spree 3; Anne 
Strong 2, 3, 4. 

Lois Stone 

3 Anis Road 

Belmont, Massachusetts 


Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tour Group 
2; Chairman Sophomore Auc- 
tion 2; Senior Commuter Rep- 

sentative to Stu.-G'j Review 4. 

Barbara Solomon 
39 Woodland Avenue 
Verona, New Jersey 


Hillel; Prince Club. 

Judith Ann Steinberg 

34 Sylvan Street 

Springfield, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1, 2; NEWS 2, 3, 4; Sock 
and Buskin 1; House Senior 4; 
Review 4. 

Joan Wotiz Stone 

57 Cherry Street 

Lynn, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Hillel 1. 

Barbara Stringer 

83 Collins Avenue 

Meriden, Connecticut 


Newman 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing 1, 
2, 3, 4; Prince 2, 3, 4; Secretary 
3; Social Activities Chairman 
4; Outing Club Trips Director 
3; Assistant Trips Director 4; 
House Senior; Dorm Social Ac- 
tivities Chairman 3. 


K. Dorothy Sutherland 

53 Bow Road 

Belmont 78, Massachusetts 


Glee Club 1; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Chairman Lounge 
and Butt Room Comm. 4. 

Cynthia M. Tainter 
124 Salisbury Road 
Elsmere, New York 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; House 
President 3. 

Mary Tchakurides 

81 Euston Road 

Brighton, Massachusetts 


Orthodox Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Susan Tillyer 
Sturbridge, Massachusetts 


Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4; Class 
Executive Board 2. 

Norene Ruth Swasey 
241 Cambridge Road 
Albany, New York 


Class Executive Board 2; Dorm 
Vice President 3; Dorm Secre- 
tary 4; Review 4. 

Pamela Harriett Tamarkin 

6942 Waterman Avenue 

University City, Missou-i 

Social Science 

Transfer from Washington 
University 2; Social Relations 
Comm. 2, 3; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Class Executive 
Board 4; House Senior 4. 

Patricia Thomson 

61 Vine Road 

Larchmont, New York 


Co-chairman Freshman Prom 
1; Co-chairman Spring Spree 
Decorations 3; Class Vice Pres- 
ident 2; Class Secretary 3; 
Class Treasurer 4; Glee Club 
1, 2; Academy 3, 4; Review 4. 

Gail Townsend 

24 Pine Ridge Road 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Sock and Buskin 1, 2, 3; Social 
Chairman 3; Outing 1; Anne 
Strong 2, 3, 4; Junior Delegate 
Massachusetts State Council 3; 
Delegate to NSNA Convention 
3; Class Prom Comm. 1, 2, 3; 
Representative on Executive 
Board 2; Commuter Social Ac- 
tivities Representative 3; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3; Rep- 
resentative to Sc h o o 1 of 
Nursing 4. 

Joanne Trojano 
271 Grove Street 
Brockton, Massacb setts 


Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ellen 
Richards 2, 3, 4. 

Paula Vaka 

48 Richardson Road 

Melrose 76, Massachusetts 


Le Cercle Francais 1, 2; Treas- 
urer 2; NEWS 2, 3, 4; Sopho- 
more Luncheon 2; Frosh-Junior 
Jamboree 3; Curriculum 
Comm. 3 ; Review 4. 

Marcia Edith Ufland 

40 Clarkwood Street 

Mattapan 26, Massachusetts 


Hillel; Physical Therapy Club; 
Junior Welcome Comm. 3. 

Mary Veno 

7 Arlington Road 

Woburn, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Class Executive Board 1, 3, 4; 
Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Junior 
Commuter Representative 3; 

Norma Jean Collister Walgrove 

1761 Beacon Street 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Glee Club 1, 2; Anne Strong 2, 
3; Ski Club 2; Sophomore 
Auction 2; Social Relations 3; 
Secretary Dormitory Board 
Arnold Hall 3. 

Marilyn Walton 

99 Bvd. du General Koenig 

Neuilly/Seine, France 


Head of tennis 4; House Senior 
4; Business Manager Senior 
Week 4. 

Victoria Helene Waller 

35 Fisher Road 

Arlington, Massachusetts 


Glee Club 2, 4; Newman 1, 2, 
3, 4; Physical Therapy 3, 4; 
Athletic Association 1, 2. 

Ann P. Washburn 

24 Coolidge Road 

Arlington, Massachusetts 


Outing 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3 
4; Sock and Buskin 1, 2, 3 
Physical Therapy 2, 3, 4 
Student Government Com- 
muter Representative 1; Co- 
chairman Spring Spree Field 
Day 1; Secretary A. A. 2; Co- 
chairman Sophomore Lunch- 
eon; Class President 3; Vice 
President A. A. 3; House Senior 
4; Co-chairman Senior Week 4. 

Beth Weeks 

414 Stewart Avenue 

Garden City, New York 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4; Vice 
President 3; Outing 2, 3; Soph- 
omore Ring Chairman; Junior 
Prom Chairman; Representa- 
tive to Student Government 4; 
Class Executive Board 4; Home 
Economics Executive Board 3. 

Harriet Werner 

92 Gardner Road 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Volunteer Service 1; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; Hillel 1, 
2, 3, 4; Hillel Secretary 3. 

Doris White 

49 Lincoln St. 

Lexington, Massachusetts 

Carol Marion Wildman 

3 Gage Road 

Cochituate, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4; 
Academy 3, 4; Junior Welcome 
Comm. 3. 

Diane Webster 

6 Vane Street 

Wellesley, Massachusetts 


May Day Breakfast 2; Olde 
English Carolers 3; Spring 
Spree 3; Volunteer Service 2; 
Secretary - Treasurer Arnold 
Hall 3; House Council 3; Junior 
Welcome Comm. 3; Frosh- 
Junior Jamboree 3; Commence- 
ment 3 ; Mic 2 ; Class Executive 
Board 4; Olde English Dinner 
4; Review 4; Cap and Gown 
Chairman 4; Senior Week 4. 

Ruth Weintraub 

59 Evans Street 

Dorchester, Massachusetts 


Hillel 1, 2; Ellen Richards 2, 
3, 4; Hillel Publicity Chairman 
3; Forum 1, 2. 

Nancy Marie Wesanen 

110 Long wood Avenue 

Brookline 46, Massachusetts 


YWCA 3. 

Cynthia Curtis Whiting 

Whiting Street 

West Hanover, Massachusetts 


Outing 1; ifWCA 1, 4; Poster 
Comm. 1, Chairman 2, 3; 
Spring Spree 2; Class Execu- 
tive Board 3; Transfer Wel- 
come Comm. 3; Musical High- 
lights Comm. 3; Daisy Chain 
2, 3; Baccalaureate 2, 3; Com- 
mencement 2, 3; Curriculum 
Comm. 2; Volunteer Service 3; 
Sophomore Prom 2; Junior 
Prom 3; All-College Weekend 
3; Associate Editor of Mic 4; 
Review 4; Senior Week 4. 

Janet Williams 

32 Colonial Drive 

Arlington, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; Outing 1; 
Newman 1, 2, 3; Spring Spree 

Mary Susan Williams 

53 Mapleton Street 
Brighton, Massachusetts 


Newman 1; Ellen Richards 4; 
Class Executive Board 1; Social 
Activities Representative 2, 4. 

Elizabeth Gordon Wilson 

209 Nahant Road 

Nahant, Massachusetts 

Nursing IV 

Christian Association 1, 2; 
Anne Strong 2, Treasurer 3; 
Outing 1; Dorm Council 3. 

Irmgard Winkler 

Colonial Farms 

Lyon Station, Pennsylvania 


Ellen Richards 2, 3, 4. 

Susan Norma Winter 
100 Carleton Avenue 
Larchmont, New York 


Freshman Dorm Fund Drive 
Chairman 1; Arnold Hall 
House President 4; Secretary 
House President's Council 4; 
Class Executive Board 4. 

Rebekah Wise 

2 Riedesei Avenue 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Hillel; Outing. 

Jean Louise Woernle 

108 Woodard Road 

West Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Transfer from Regis College; 
Newman 3, 4; Home Eco- 
nomics 3, 4. 

Ann Woodley 
44 Parker Road 


Transfer from Colby Jr. 
lege 3; Prince. 


Gloria Yanoff 

46 Evelyn Street 

Mattapan, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Social Relations 1, 2, 3, Chair- 
man 4; NEWS Feature Writer 

Louise Yung 

172 Commonwealth Avenue 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Home Economics 2, 3, 4. 

Carolyn Zaltman 

463 William Street 

Stoneham, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Transfer from University of 
New Hampshire 3; Social Rela- 
tions Comm. 3; House Presi- 
dent 4. 

Judy Zonis 

690 Newton Street 

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

Library Science 

Hillel 1, 2; Home Economics 2.- 

Ann Marie Coughlin 

52 Dexter Road 

Lexington, Massachusetts 

Home Economics 

Transfer from Lasell Junior 

Carolyn Ellis 

"High Winds" 

East Aurora, New York 

Home Economics 

Outing, Vice President 4; 
Riding, Chairman 3; Secretary- 
Treasurer Morse Hall 3; Exe- 
cutive Board Home Economics 
3, 4; Class Executive Board 1; 
Chairman May Day Breakfast 
2; President State Home Eco- 
nomics Clubs 4. 

Carol Jean Gassaway 
1361 East Blvd. 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Social Science 

Lee Natalie Goldstein 

79 Shirley Avenue 
Revere, Massachusetts 

Judith Reback Hammond 

34 Audley End 
Eggertsville, New York 

Libby Kramer 

119 Winthrop Road 

Brookline, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Sock and Buskin; Hillel; 

United Nations. 


Hillel 1, 2, 4; Art Director 
Review 4. 

Social Science 

Hillel; Social Relations Group; 
Academy; Political Thought in 

Winniferd Pentland Martin 

13 Prince Street 
Marblehead, Massachusetts 

Valkyr McGlone 
27 Cowdrey Avenue 
Lynn, Massachusetts 

Mary Ruth Sims Pinson 

230 Westgate W. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Social Science 

Nursing IV 

Anne Strong 2, 3, 4; SCA 2; 
Outing 2, 3; Transfer Welcome 
Comm. 3; Spring Spree 3. 

Home Economics 

Transfer from Texas Techno- 
ogical College 4. 

Anne Marie Roche 

55 Fairview Avenue 

West Warwick, Rhode Island 

Carol Goldmeer Tankel 

183 Lexington Street 

Watertown, Massachusetts 

Laila Gvenda Vittands 

12 School Street 

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

Social Science 


Glee Club; Hillel. 



from Greensboro 

Judith Claire Wainger 

1460 Wellesley Drive 

Detroit, Michigan 

Social Science 

Charlotte Helen Crestin 

91 Laurence Avenue 
Roxbury, Massachusetts 

Nursing V 

Glee Club; Academy; President 
Twigs, 1955-6. 

Virginia Demaree 
Plattsmouth, Nebraska 

Nursing V 

Secretary Twigs 1955-6. 

Dorothea Pyne Dutra 

Berkeley Avenue 

Middletown, Rhode Island 

Nursing V 

Betty Cross Hathaway 

48 Mayo Street 

Framingham Center, Mass. 

Nursing V 

Twigs ; Publicity Chairman 
1955-6; Nursery School Nurse. 

Irene May Nesteruk 
Hartford, Connecticut 

Nursing V 
Twigs; Outing Club. 

Ellen Tifft 

314 South Street 

Bennington, Vermont 

Nursing V 

President Glee Club 4; IVCF; 
Twigs; Christian Association. 

Mary Anne Tremaine 
136 South Main Street 
Florence, Massachusetts 

Nursing V 


Ruth Orania Zieckas 

164 William Street 

Bridgeport, Connecticut 

Nursing V 

Orthodox Club; Glee 
Treasurer Twigs 1955-6. 



Nancy (Riva) Montgomery Editor-in-Chief 

Cynthia Whiting Associate Editor 

Phyllis Goldberg and Janice Powell Art Editors 

Alice Gardner and Ardis Stein Literary Editors 

Liz Reed Photography Editor 

Joanne Blanchard Business Manager 

Jane Krebs Advertising Manager 


Carolyn Collins 
Barbara Fingold 
Alice Gardner 
Dorothy Sutherland 
Ellen Elliott Circulation Editor 


Margaret Carey 
Sylvia Coutts 
Joan Dexter 
Evelyn Dowd 
Patricia Dubiel 
Judith Goldstein 
Meryl Gray 
Roberta Green 

Sandra Ives 
Mary Ann Milewski 
Lois O'Grady 
Barbara Petroske 
Ada Rubin 
Roberta Sacco 
Janet Shapiro 
Stephenie Smith 

Rosalyn Tuton 


CA. 7-0311 


Swan, Newton & Co. 

Meats and Poultry 

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables 

Butter, Cheese and Eggs 


Compliments of 



Mon.-Thurs., 8 AM-10 PM 
Friday, 8 AM-7 PM 
Saturday, 9 AM-7 PM 
Sunday, 9:30 AM-1:30 PM 


23 Years 
At The Corner 

253 Brookline Ave. 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Hotel Stailer 

Boston 17, Mass. 



Extends Greetings and Good 


Its Students and Faculty. 

Visit our TERRACE ROOM— 

Dining and Dancing — 

with Famed Bands. 

D. B. Stanbro 
General Manager. 



LOngwood 7-5625 



Fruit Company, Inc. 

Wholesale Distributors 
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 

6 S. Market St. at Fanueil Hall 
Boston, Mass. LAfayette 3-4860 


Compliments of 

Thomas Fish Market, Inc. 


Famous for 




Store at 133 Brookline Avenue 

Compliments of 


577 Washington St. 
Boston, Mass. 

Compliments of 


411 Brookline Avenue 
Boston, Massachusetts 




Jewelers of the Standard Simmons Ring 

Wear the Popular 
Wright and Ditson "Saddles" 

Smart two-tone style oxfords with leather 
uppers. Plain toe. Rubber soles. The origi- 
nal Saddle shoes that smart girls list as 
a "must have" the year round. 


462 Boylston Street, Boston 16, Mass. 




Your Favorite 


100 Chauncy St. 

Boston, Mass. 


Zero Newbury 
Boston, Mass. 

The Warren Kay Vantine Studio, Inc. 

Official Photographers 


THE 1956 MIC 

132 Boylston St. 
Boston, Mass. 

661 Congress St. 
Portland, Maine 

Publishing Co. 

Publishers of 
THE 1956 MIC 

32 Boylston St. HAncock 6-0578 

Boston, Mass.